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Living your best life starts with understanding the importance of health and wellbeing. We recognize your important role in proactively managing your health and understanding your conditions and treatment. 

The resources below are designed with you in mind. If there are topics or additional resources you would like to see added, please let us know!

Primary Care



Understanding Primary Care

Think of your health-care providers as a team. Your Primary Care Provider acts as a coach that coordinates your health every step of the way. This resource highlights the importance of partnering with a primary care provider, what to expect during an appointment and how to prepare.

Primary Care Appointment Planning Guide

Not sure what to expect during your primary care appointment? Download this Appointment Planning Guide to help prepare. This resource will walk you through important information to gather before your appointment including:

  • Current symptoms
  • Medications
  • Family history
  • Questions/concerns
  • Health goals

Understanding Type 2 Diabetes

Designed to help you understand your condition and ways to manage your care, this educational resource describes Type 2 diabetes, identifies proactive steps you can take to manage your condition, outlines how to partner with your care team and stresses the importance of consistently monitoring your A1C levels. Available in English and Spanish.

Diabetic Eye Exams

Eye exams are critically important for patients with diabetes. Download this one-page overview to address Frequently Asked Questions including:

  • What is diabetic retinopathy?
  • Why are regular eye exams so important for patients with diabetes?
  • What will the exam cost me?
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